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Monday the 14th:

the trip starts at 3 in the morning. The Italian group arrives at the Marconi airport in Bologna with a shuttle, gets on the plane around 6:45 to take off at 7:15 and arrives after 2 hours and 30 minutes in Seville. At 10:30 a bus tooks them to the station and they wait until 15:45 for the bus to Cordoba, eating something around the city and exploring it. At 17:45 they arrive at Cordoba station, then they drive to the hotel in Villafranca di Cordoba. Upon their arrival they meet for the first time the Spanish group. After that the italian group get divided between the host families and the hotel. In the evening everyone eat either at the hotel or in the host Spanish families.




Tuesday the 15th:

On Tuesday the alarm clock is at 7:00 am because the meeting is at the school in Villafranca at 8:15. The Spanish group let the Italians have a taste of some typical foods to make them know to all and after presenting the program of what they will do during the week, everyone is divided in groups to better know each one, also through games that include dialogue and methods to discover new things about each other. The lunch time in Spain is at 3 pm. They again eat local foods, such as fried croquettes or a particular puff pastry. In the afternoon groups meet in the school park to dance together with Italian, Bulgarian, Polish and Spanish songs. Then they take a tour of the city of Villafranca, visiting for example the picturesque church of the place with the illustration of the parish priest of the city of each work. Around 6 pm the day is over, and everyone is able to do what they want, agreeing with their professors.



Wednesday the 16th:

The meeting is at 9:00 at the school La Soledad” and after being welcomed, all groups undergo a kahoot on the city of Villafranca and then groups are created to work on topics close to the concerning pollution and how to reduce it, by performing slides through a program on computer. The Spanish group presents to everyone Cordoba and Flamenco, both in words and practicing it showing all the steps with music in the background. After a quick snack with Churros and chocolate, the group heads to the theatre in Villafranca to listen to a real Flamenco concert. Initially they are all quite stiff, but after only half an hour, they all start to dance, having fun with each other. After returning to school they all have lunch together, and the afternoon is dedicated to free activities, to give the opportunity to get to know each other more and walk around Villafranca. In the evening the return to the hotel is scheduled for 11:00pm.



Thursday the 17th:

On Thursday, the alarm clock is around 7:00, because at 8:00 they have to take the bus to the city of Cordoba. It is a beautiful day, because there is the opportunity to visit it entirely: from the Roman bridge to the mosque, accompanied by a guide who explains every element present inside this charming and fascinating monument. The visit lasts about an hour and thirty minutes, and after this all the groups, apart from the local Spaniards, go to the house of Caritas Cordoba, so that they can better understand the situation of the city in helping people in difficulty, but also that of all the cities of the world that unfortunately suffer from such a situation. Once back in Cordoba center, the students are free to explore the city until about 5:00pm, then return to Villafranca and spend a free evening in the best way desired by each of them.



Friday the 18th:

They appointment is at 9:30 at the school in Villafranca. Kahoots are held and there is a collection of memories and experiences from each group about the week spent together, the things done and the places visited, and finally thanks for making this possible. After a small snack, there is the final delivery of diplomas to each participant of the Erasmus. They are all sorry that the week is already over. At lunch everyone goes to the hotel Rocío to eat the typical Spanish paella. In the afternoon the Italian group decides to redo a visit to Cordoba and enjoy the city in its entirety by also shopping. At 8:00pm there is the return to Villafranca and the evening is spent in the company of all, because the morning after Bulgari and Poles are leaving.



Saturday 19th:

In the morning Poles and Bulgarians leave. At 8 in the morning the Italian group decides to make one last visit to Cordoba accompanied by 3 Spanish guys who could show the best things in the city, also buying memories for their families and gifts in stalls and shops. Immediately after lunch they take the bus back to Villafranca and the afternoon is spent with the Spanish group to have fun during the last afternoon they have available: in the evening some of the Italian group go to see a game at the football stadium of Villafranca, and once the game enda, everyone returns to the hotel or to their host family, returning early so they would be ready for the busy day that would await them the next day.



Sunday the 20th:

On Sunday, the alarm clock is about 8:00, as the bus that would take them to Cordoba leaves at 9:30. There are the last greetings and everyone is sad to leave that place and that wonderful company with which they have found themselves. Once in Cordoba, at 12:30 the group takes the bus to Sevilla, where there is the possibility of a quick visit to see the beautiful Plaza de España and also cross the Guadalquivir. Around 5:30 pm they arrive at the airport and wait until 8:00pm to catch the plane to Bologna. In Bologna they eat something and wait until 1:00am a bus that would take them to the starting point of the trip: the station of Rimini. At 2:30am they arrive and say goodbye, tired but very happy of the fantastic trip spent together.







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