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                                MOBILITY IN POLAND                                                   



Monday 24/11/22

On Monday morning we were all excited to leave Italy for a new experience: to meet our friends again, get to know our host families and visit the city. Finally after the pandemic it was possible to experience once again the emotions of travelling. Sharing the same public transport gave us the possibility to better know each other before living with each other for one week.

We got up very early to start our journey and we got on the train headed to Bologna airport at 5:50 a.m. 

When we arrived in Bologna, after breakfast and security in the airport we took our first plane headed to Vienna airport which lasted 45 minutes. In Vienna's airport we started our trip because we had the opportunity to test the typical dishes of Austria like bretzel.


After a short wait we took our second flight to Krakow. The flight was very pleasant and during the journey our emotions turned into many smiles. With the Spanish group, we took a bus to Czestochowa.

After arriving in Czestochowa we met our host families with whom we spent most of our time. The first night, in fact, was spent with our host family where we tasted the local first courses and we started to learn about Polish culture and habits.


 Thursday 25/11/22

On Thursday morning we woke up and with our host brothers/sisters we went to school.

The first day we did some games to get to know each other better, so we split into groups and played games between nationalities.

After breaking the ice we started to talk about our habits, our country and, of course, learn something about Poland.


To conclude our morning we danced a typical Polish dance all together and we had lunch at school.  In fact, to welcome us, the Polish group prepared a lunch entirely cooked by them with all the typical dishes to try.



In the afternoon we went for a walk in Czestochowa. Here we visited the most important things in the city also using interactive games that allowed us to visit while having fun. We also visited the church with the our Lady of Czestochowa and the main streets.



Wednesday 26/11/22

On the third day of our trip we went to visit one of the largest cities in Poland: Krakow.

We met in front of the hotel where the teachers stayed overnight and all together we went by bus. We visited many tourist attractions with a guide who explained each monument to us.

A great sunny day greeted us.




Thursday 27/11/22

On Thursday we took our last trip before returning to Italy. It was a really nice experience. We left early in the morning and the bus took us to a small town where we could take a walk in the woods. Before taking a walk, however, we attended a speech given by the city mayor who introduced us to the landscape.

The atmosphere in the wood was really nice because the leaves were all yellow.




After the walk we went to the house of a boy from the Polish group who had an estate with animals. As soon as we arrived he warmly welcomed us and we had the opportunity to cook own lunch by cooking sausages on the fire.


It was a time of sharing between nations and languages. In this moment of leisure we taught each other the dances of our countries.


  Friday 28/11/22

Unfortunately, Friday was the last day all together because the next day we had to leave for Italy. We found ourselves for the last time at school where the teachers handed us the certificates of participation and we took part in the charity auction where each nationality had brought typical gifts with them.



 left the school greeting what for a week was our meeting point, we moved independently to the city to buy souvenirs to bring to our families. Walking for the last time in the streets of Czestochowa made us very sad.

in the evening we spent the last time with our host families and with our friends, agreeing to meet again for a second time.


Saturday 29/11/22

Saturday morning we woke up really sad, we spent the morning to greet our families thanking them and sharing a last meal together.

We headed to the hotel where the bus was waiting for us to take us to the airport. Once we got to the hotel we hugged our host brothers for the last time. It was a unique emotion.


 We headed to the airport with the Spanish group. Where we last exchanged languages. Leaving us was really difficult because during the week we have made very strong ties.

After many weeping, we parted and each headed for their own flight. The first plane we took was headed for Munich where we made the stopover.


Around 9 we took the second plane to Bologna.

Once we landed in Italy, the last part of the journey we did was take the train. During the trip we discussed our experiences and share the habits that our families had.

Participating in this Erasmus program was really nice. We had the opportunity to share many experiences and cultures, learn to appreciate the diversity and be able to adapt in every circumstance. We learned all the value that this Erasmus could give us, to be able to put into practice the languages we study, to teach our culture to do something extraordinary.

Participation and openness to new knowledge was the key to fun. We thank all countries and families.







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