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An analysis of the Italian Results 


In November 2020, we have made an online survey using a Google module and 83 students of our school have answered our questions. Looking at the results, we find out that: 60 are girls and 23 are boys, three of them are from 12 to 13 years old and the rest of the students are from 14 to 16 years old.

The 3% of them do not like going to school, for the 71% it depends on the day only the 25% like going to school.  Italian students go to school mainly to learn new things (73%) or to have a better future (78%), only few of them to have a job (35%). meeting their friends (58%) is important to go to school and this is very important if we consider the pandemic and the remote learning of this period. Anyway the less voted answer is “because I like it” only 5 people. All that said we like going to school because we can see our friends and we can learn new things.

About school only the 28% of the students like extracurricular activities, and few like (the 15% ) like art/P.E lessons but the most striking answer is that  only 7 of us like the teachers.

The first things that we don’t like about the school is the relationship between student (16%) the school environment (16%) and the learning process (20%) like books, lessons etc.. while the relationship between teachers and students, ( the 54%)  is better.

To make school a better place for children the 57% of us think that should change the way in teaching and methodology should be more interesting. Only the 27% of the students want to change the relationship between students and teachers, the 13% say that there should be more useful things to learn and only 1 person think that we have to talk about things we have to do with our society and change a little bit what we study in each subject. so we would like to change the methodology but not the contents shared.

The majority of us, 77 people, use the Internet every day, 3 people 4-5 times a week, only 1 person has voted once or twice a week and the last two use it when they need it.

The 42% of the students spend from 1 to 3 hours on the Internet, the 9.6% less than 1 hour, the 31% from 3 to 6 hours and the 16.9% over 6 hours, so we are a very technological generation.

Most of our answer to the question “what do you do on the Internet” are Facebook and Instagram (84%), listening to music (90%) playing games (38.6%), watching videos (34.9%), learning (36%) and downloading films (26.5%).  

 About question number 11 the most frequent answers are Tik Tok, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google Suite for online school and also Netflix. The Italian team changed this question trying to suit the students’ tastes.

Another important thing is the type of information that we share on the Internet. The majority 76 people show the name, 38 show the age, 41 show  the city where they live, only 33 the school, 29 their personal email, a few (13) show their telephone number. The students tend to look at their privacy and we need to underline that: there are 6 people that are very responsible and they don’t share anything and all of us should follow their example.

We use the Internet for many purposes such as making phone or video calls (88%), using social networks (54%),  sending or receiving emails (32%), sharing content (30%) but only the 1% use it for post or edit videos.

Most of the teenagers do not use the Internet with the aim of public and political participation, maybe because they do not like the topic, even if some of them 25 people are interested.

In addiction 45 students don’t use the Internet for contact with public institutions or services, 11 say that use for receiving information from a website or an application of a public institution; 19 

Students have used it for downloading official documents and forms, and only 8 students report online submission of official documents or forms. 

We like doing shopping online, the majority of us have ordered something in the last three months, and the most purchased goods are accessories and clothes (79.5%) then electronics (46%), home goods such as toys, furniture (37%), tickets (38.6%) and music and films (33.7%).

Nowadays the least used social media platform is Facebook, because for us it is a little bit old-fashioned but also LinkedIn and Snapchat are not used maybe because the former is related to job search and the latter is less and less used; only 34 people use twitter sometime. While Instagram and Tik Tok are the most used.

Another important topic is distance learning; in this question students have to choose a number from 1 to 6, 68 students do not mind it or have a negative idea; the questionnaire reports that 15 students hate it.  So a lot of students find online learning difficult and demanding and prefer going to school, also because as reported above we like meeting our friends face to face and not through a mobile.

Of course, with online school, we have to use many channels and the 44.6% prefer using Google Suite, 29% Zoom, 10% Skipe, 51.8% Email 

As far as question number 23, 71 students would take part in volunteer initiatives with time/human resources and the rest of the other students with funds/financial resources. They would help people in need, elderly people, youth organizations, entertainment, scientific research and creative projects and they would like to change the community with the expression of opinions on current topics. So young students are not selfish as expected by common opinion, but we care about our society, we are open-minded and reliable.

We also  have found out that 36 people come across to “fake news” several times a month,  35 several times a week, 10 every day and only 1 person has chosen the option “never” and “I don’t know what fake news is” so misinformation is one of the most important problem in today’s society.


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